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Yet Another Google Employee Says She Was Fired For Organizing

Yet Another Google Employee Says She Was Fired For Organizing

Google worker says she was fifth fired for organizing activity, files NLRB complaint ... claim they were fired to deter other Google employees from pushing ... Google confirmed it terminated an employee but would not confirm.... Yet Another Google Employee Says She Was Fired for Organizing. Kathryn Spiers, a former engineer, said she was terminated for creating a browser extension.... A Google employee says she was fired for supporting union-organizing efforts, just one week after a federal investigation into union-busting at.... Google has fired another employee following a showing of internal activism, ... Like the other employees, Spiers said she has filed unfair labor practice ... if the tool had been used to send any message not related to security.. Yet another person who worked for Google says they were retaliated ... or other employees and Google will do its best to justify my firing in a.... Former Google employees who say they were fired for organizing are filing ... leaders said the employees were engaged in systematic searches for other ... Under US federal labor law, employers are not allowed to retaliate.... Kathryn Spiers, who's submitted a problem with the National Labor Relations Board, composed in a post that she developed an adjustment for the staff member.... Kathryn Spiers says tech company is targeting employee activists who are pushing back against recent policy changes. After Google hired an...

Engineer says she created an internal tool to notify workers of their rights. ... Another former employee has accused Google of violating federal labor law by firing her ... her after she created a browser tool to notify employees of their organizing rights. ... The Air Force's Senior Citizen Chopper Can't Retire Yet.... A fifth fired Google employee says she believes she was "fired in ... from its firing of four other employees just days after a staff-organized.... 13 after she developed a notification that told colleagues they had the right to participate in labor organizing when they visited the website of IRI.... Spiers claims she asked how she had violated the policies but received no answer. ... Google is resorting to firing those of us who organize and assert our ... "I want to be very clear: the issue was not that the messaging had to do with the ... had the pop-up message been on any other subject," Hansen said.. Kathryn Spiers, a former engineer, said she was terminated for creating a ... Yet Another Google Employee Says She Was Fired for Organizing.. Another Former Google Employee Says She Was Fired For Organizing ... Kathryn Spiers worked at Google for just under two years before she was fired last week. ... Employee organizers point to recent changes as dissolving.... Another Google worker files federal complaint, saying she was fired for ... the company of improperly firing employees for labor organizing activity. ... Spiers did not have authorization for the pop-up, Hansen wrote, and said.... Kathryn Spiers says she was fired after calling attention to Google's contract ... has fired another employee who participated in workplace organizing. ... Burgess did not immediately respond to OneZero's request for comment.. The tech giant has fired five employees involved in labor organizing within ... Spiers said Google would not offer her any further details about how she ... to attempt to quell Spiers and other employees from asserting their right.... According to Spiers, Google fired her because she created a browser ... Spiers says Google interrogated her three separate times about organizing ... I want to be very clear: the issue was not that the messaging had to do.... Google stands accused of firing a fifth employee who was suspected of attempting ... where she was aggressively asked about "other organizing activities. ... and Google did not allow her to speak to a lawyer or other representative. ... In November, four employees were fired, Google says because they were.... Google has fired a security engineer who updated a company tool to notify ... Security engineer says Google fired her for trying to notify co-workers of right to organize ... same week the company fired four other employees who claim Google has ... Spiers said she was acting in the interest of her co-workers.


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